Study Reviews

Omega-3 administered with opioids for chronic pain

  • 08/06/2015

Evidence associates omega-3 with pain reduction. The authors of this recent study used an animal model to study the relationship between omega-3 fatty acids, opioids and pain reduction, concluding that chronic joint administration of morphine with omega-3 reduces the development of tolerance, maintaining the analgesic effect with a sub-therapeutic dose of morphine. Despite the fact that opioids are used primarily for acute pain (in which they are extremely effective), they are also used in conditions likely to produce long periods of administration. In these cases, the secondary effects of their use (somnolence, constipation, nausea, vomiting and addiction) are particularly important.

The implications of these findings are clear: when opioids are used to treat chronic or long-term pain, joint administration with omega-3 could help reduce the occurrence of adverse secondary effects.