Omega-3 reduces oxidative stress-induced DNA damage

  • 03/02/2018

The role of DNA damage in atherogenesis is the focus of considerable interest.

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Specialised pro-resolving lipid mediators

  • 08/02/2017

Acute inflammatory response due to injury or infection is a self-limiting process. Initially, pro-inflammatory lipid mediators derived from the omega-6 fatty acid (FA) arachidonic acid (AA), prostaglandins and leukotrienes play an important role.

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Omega-3 derivatives as a non-immunosuppressant alternative for COPD

  • 12/15/2016

Chronic obstructive pulmonar disease (COPD), mostly caused by years of smoking (although long-term exposure to lung irritants, such as polluted air, chemical fumes or dust, can also contribute), is principally characterised by inflammation and production of large

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Omega-3 from fish and primary prevention in multiple sclerosis

  • 11/25/2015

In multiple sclerosis, the immune system damages the sheath that protects nerve fibres (facilitating their function), affecting the brain and spinal cord and causing problems in muscle movement, balance and vision, among others.

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Association between omega-3 and anabolic stimulation in the treatment of sarcopenia

  • 02/24/2014

Loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia) accompanies ageing and is the result of various factors: loss of alpha motor neurons in the spinal cord; loss of muscle quality and mass; drop in testosterone, oestrogen and growth hormone (anabolic hormones); increase in different in

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Supplementation with DHA and complex reaction time in elite athletes

  • 06/26/2014

"DHA- Rich Fish Oil Improves Complex Reaction Time in Female Elite Soccer Players" is a study designed to assess the effects of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on complex reaction time and response precision and efficiency in elite athletes.

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Omega-3 and the reduction in neuronal damage secondary to traumatic brain injury

  • 08/28/2014

In the United States, approximately 1.4 million people suffer traumatic brain injury each year. Of these, about 50,000 die from it and nearly 100,000 are left with a permanent disability.

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Omega-3 could attenuate some of the effects of atmospheric pollution

  • 11/21/2014

Atmospheric pollution may increase cases of angina and coronary artery disease.

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Military medicine in the USA. Objective: to enhance the status of omega-3 among armed forces personnel

  • 01/13/2015

In November 2014, Military Medicine, the international journal of the AMSUS (Society of Federal Health Professionals) published a supplement dedicated to the subject of omega-3 fatty acids.

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