The importance of omega-3 during pregnancy

  • 01/28/2011

Last January 24th the results of the PLENUFAR (The Nutrition Education Program for Pharmacists) campaign were presented.

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Low omega-3 index in pregnancy is a possible biological risk factor for postpartum depression

  • 08/01/2013

A study published in July 2013 in PloS One concluded that a low omega-3 index in the final period of pregnancy is associated with a higher 

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Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are crucial to correct embryo development

  • 01/10/2014

The way in which different tissues types are organised in the correct position in the developing embryos is a classic question in developmental biology in which signalling pathways that control the process have been described.

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Omega-3, gestational diabetes and macrosomia

  • 06/30/2015

Macrosomia, which affects up to 10% of births, is one of the possible consequences of gestational diabetes. This term is used to describe newborns larger than average (more than 4,000 g), regardless of their gestational age.

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Maternal plasma omega-3, gestation and blood pressure in childhood

  • 10/20/2015

Hypertension is normally thought to affect adults only, but this is not the case.

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