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Omega-3 and sight among computer users

Failure of the elements that form the eye surface (cornea, conjunctiva, eyelids and tear film) and the tear glands to maintain their integrity leads to the appearance of so-called ‘dry eye’: dryness, burning sensation, feeling of having...

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Omega-3 from fish and primary prevention in multiple sclerosis

In multiple sclerosis, the immune system damages the sheath that protects nerve fibres (facilitating their function), affecting the brain and spinal cord and causing problems in muscle movement, balance and vision, among others. Multiple...

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Maternal plasma omega-3, gestation and blood pressure in childhood

Hypertension is normally thought to affect adults only, but this is not the case. Although more frequent among them, it also occurs in childhood (even in newborns just a few months old, due to premature birth or vascular,...

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In anorexia, there is an EPA and DHA deficiency in the red blood cell membrane

Anorexia nervosa usually starts in adolescence. Approximately 90-95% of sufferers are girls and young women, but it can also be found among men. Early diagnosis is crucial for this severe disorder, which causes death in between 5% and...

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