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Resolvins, inflammation and cancer

Inflammation, involved not just in inflammatory diseases (such as gastroenteritis or hepatitis) but also in the pathogenesis of obesity, diabetes and neurological diseases, contributes to the genesis and progression of cancer. The...

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Omega-3 could reduce cardiovascular mortality in schizophrenia

There is an inflammatory process common to the symptoms of schizophrenia, arterial elasticity and cardiovascular disease (CVD). This leads to the following observations: In schizophrenia, abnormal concentrations of cytokines (...

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DHA and abnormal cognitive impairment

In the ageing process, the accumulative inflammatory and oxidative effect, together with environmental damage, increases requirements for normal cell maintenance. Consequently, any reduction in available energy can lead to...

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DHA in cognition in maturity and ageing

The fact that cognitive function peaks in adulthood means that the effects of consuming docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) must be assessed over long time periods, to cover possible variability. And many published studies fail to meet this...

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